Self-Balancing Scooters: More than Just a Toy

Discover Hawaii in style by riding self-balancing scooters from L.O.F. Hawaii. Based in Aiea, our mobile shop offers these personal transporters you can use to travel from point A to point B with ease. If you live on or near a university campus, close to work, or simply stay within your community, one of our scooters is a very practical option!

Leisure Meets Work

Make every day traveling a leisure activity by hopping on a personal transporter to get from one place to another. Navigating campuses or malls is easier on an electronic scooter. However, these scooters aren't only for leisure. Those who are working in the security and emergency service sectors will surely find personal transportation as the perfect personal vehicle while on duty. These allow them to patrol and conduct operations with greater efficiency.

Beyond the Sale

Although mainland companies and other websites can offer you similar products at competitive prices, you're pretty much on your own after the sale is made. Since we are a local business serving the people of Hawaii, you don't have to look far for local, reliable service! Our products come with complete warranties and we carry most parts for the occasional maintenance or repair job locally, meaning you won't have to deal with mainland repair centers and time-zone issues.